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Mindfulness is being more aware of your right now

Sitting on a beach in French Polynesia looking at the sunset. It's a simple and enjoyable concept but the experience becomes so much deeper with mindfulness. Being aware of your present gives you the opportunity to hear the light rustle of breeze in the leaves, the quiet slap of the ocean on the sand. It's the cool wet sand between your toes and sound of birds jostling for their night's roost. The quiet laughter from down the beach, the bump of a kayak being put away for the night.Take each of these experiences and enjoy them one at a time. Breathe deeply and smell the ocean, the wet sand, the lush foliage.

You only need a few minutes of your time each day to develop into a mindful habit that will last a lifetime. Absolutely worth it.

Grab this photo here: https://unsplash.com/@edwintersottawa


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