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Leggings are a lifestyle, not just for exercise!

Let's face it, when you're looking for leggings, there are a lot of different legging styles out there. Like, lots and lots. Leggings have become this popular because they are so damn comfortable, and it's so simple to dress 'em up or down. They aren't just for the gym, they've become the new pants! The problem we found was that you could practically make a career out of the search.

Imagine you're a dude that wants to pick up something for his wife or girlfriend, or maybe you're just a swell brother who knows his sister will appreciate a new pair of leggings on her birthday. Congratulations fellas, you made a good choice! But are you just going to pick out the first thing that comes along? I sure hope not. Take a second to look around and consider what she likes and wears before you slap down your dineros!

Good news, Legging l'Amour has done most of the work for you. We watch what's trending now, what's coming up and what was trending in legging fashion last year. Each style, colour, and design is carefully evaluated to make the choices easy for our customers. Sure, we have our favorites. I'll admit we're suckers for buttons and other little extras that make a pair of leggings stand out. And we don't mind getting crazy with styles and colours either. Check out the Them Bones collection to get a sense of what I mean.

We are also really digging jeggings, although it seems that most are only available as one size fits all. Since we all know thats not true, all our jeggings are sized to make things easier for everyone. We love the rips and abrasions on our jeggings, but we've also got some basic ones as well.

If you're having trouble picking, feel free to send us an email. We're always available to help!

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