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Body shaming is a BULLSHIT Move!

It’s the season for shopping and if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s an awesome time of year to be out and about. It’s so exciting to just be able to walk into any store, pick your size off the rack and feel great about yourself, isn’t it? Ok, maybe not. Society conditions us to think that if we are less than physically perfect, we are somehow less than worthwhile, somehow less than sexy, somehow less than human. It’s ridiculous, it's hurtful and has got to stop. It all starts with you.

Look, human physical perfection is illusory. It’s not real. And the truth is, if you don’t like how someone else looks and you're one of those jerks who thinks proclaiming judgement on others is cool, you should either step away from the keyboard or shut your pie hole and simply keep your eyes on your own work. Seriously, no one gives a shit what you think and you are absolutely not physically perfect either. Trust me on that, bud. None of us will ever reach that unrealistic goal. We all have our jiggly bits, so get over it.

At Legging l’Amour we appreciate the beauty of human physical forms. All seven billion of them. All our leggings come in S, M, and L, and a large percentage also come in XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL and 5XL! So don’t be shy, leggings are for everyone. Throw on some colour and style, and brighten your world! 

And for the rest of you, with your eye rolls and snickers, your comments and smart remarks, that disgusting behaviour is not appreciated on this or any other world. It doesn't matter if its cultural, if your parents brought you up that way or if you think you're just being funny. Wise up, don’t be a life troll, try making the world a better place for a change and appreciate the beauty and diversity of all the humans around you.

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