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Use images for mindfulness

Let's say it's too cold for walking today, or maybe there's been a blast of freezing rain and walking is treacherous. Where do you go for a mindfulness break?  Try collecting images for mindfulness. Whether you capture them on your camera or download them for later use from the Internet, filling your screen with an image and imagining yourself to be standing in that location is a fantastic strategy for freeing your mind. Fill your eyes with the image and then with your mind's eye, think about what you might hear and smell at that moment. Accuracy is not important here, it's your moment so anything could be true. Imagine the birds, perhaps the sounds of the water lightly lapping...

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Article - How To Develop Positive Thinking As A Habit

A huge part of becoming successful is developing a positive attitude. Let's face it, life is adversity. If it wasn't we would stagnate. Humans need adversity to struggle against in order to gain wisdom. Maintaining a positive approach is what allows us to cope with adversity and find solutions to our issues. 

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